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CO2 capture at Saint-Félicien

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CO2 Solutions is a leader in carbon capture using enzymes. The company chose BBA to design and build the very first commercial version of its “industrial lung” at the Resolute Forest Products (RFP) plant in Saint-Félicien, Québec. This technology captures CO2 emissions directly from smokestacks, purifies them using an enzyme similar to one that is found in our respiratory system and uses them in an adjacent greenhouse complex where they grow cucumbers.

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    BBA’s mandate included the preliminary study, detailed engineering, construction management, procurement, project management and commissioning support for the mill. The team designed all the equipment that is at the heart of this technology, namely:

    • a pre-treatment process to condition the CO2 prior to its capture by the CO2 Solutions technology and the equipment that dries and compresses the CO2 between capture and delivery to the greenhouse. This process includes a compressor that operates without oil to preserve the high degree of food-grade purity of the CO2 required by the plants.
    • carbon capture facilities with twice the capacity of what was planned.
    • a smart monitoring device that interacts bi-directionally between the carbon capture plant and the greenhouses, designed to start and stop daily without needing an operator physically onsite.
    • a highly energy-efficient heating system that makes use of energy coming from an intermittent flow of wastewater. RFP, Les Serres Toundra and CO2 Solutions are now completely integrated, in energy terms, thus minimizing their overall consumption of both water and energy.

    These facilities can capture 30 tonnes per day (5,500 tonnes annually), equivalent to the emissions that 1,750 cars would produce if they each travelled once around the earth (i.e., 21 million kilometres).[1]

    The idea of recycling our air emissions to grow vegetables opens the door to other projects aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. In summary, this project is one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind!


  1. This first commercial carbon-capture unit in Québec is truly a major step forward for our company and for our partners: Resolute Forest Products and Les Serres Toundra. Because the same technology can be applied to all the world’s sources of combustion gas, this is an achievement that will prove very helpful in the greatest challenge of our time: reducing GHGs.
    Evan Price, President and CEO at CO2 Solutions Inc.
    • 80% reduction target in Canadian GHG emissions by 2030
    • 704 Mt of CO2 produced in 2016 in Canada
    • 30 Nearly 30 tonnes of carbon captured per day at the Saint-Félicien mill (5,500 tonnes on a yearly basis)
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