May 02, 2022

BBA partners with C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc. (C3HF)

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Montréal, May 2 – BBA is proud to announce a strategic partnership with C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc. (C3HF), a team of specialists in human factors engineering and cognitive psychology that serves industrial clients, including companies in the mining, defence and transportation sectors.

  1. Human factors engineering is a discipline that deals with understanding the interactions between humans and other elements of a system. In particular, it focuses on the capabilities and limitations of individuals to design systems, machines, tools and consumer products for safe and efficient use.

    “BBA and C3HF share a common vision of the future of mining” says François Chapados, Executive Director of Business Development at BBA. “This future is centred around people and our organizational capability to work in an integrated fashion, spanning functional silos and engaging in collaborative problem-solving throughout the mining and metals value chain. People must be the focus of this transformation.”

    In fact, a major challenge for mining and metals companies is to leverage current and future technologies for greater value in operations, but also to determine the extent to which people can learn, use and exploit these technologies, both on their own as well as in teams.

    “Our offer is based on the idea that a project’s success or failure depends on how users react to the introduction of new technology,” says Simon Banbury, President of C3HF. “Our approach brings scientific rigour and a deep understanding of human and technological factors involved in industrial projects.”

    François Chapados adds: “By combining C3HF’s approach with BBA’s technical expertise, our clients ensure that performance issues and human factors will be treated efficiently and iteratively throughout the design and implementation process of a mining project or operation. This will help optimize operating costs while significantly maximizing operational performance.

  2. About C3HF

    Founded in 2012, C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc. is an independent consultancy specializing in optimizing how individuals and teams interact with technology. We offer Human Factors consulting services across all phases of system development and procurement by understanding how we think and act under pressure and stress, how we interact in teams and groups, and why we sometimes make errors of judgment or lapses of attention when engaged in our work. As experts in the field of Human Factors, C3HF is uniquely positioned to support acquisition, capability management, and technology programs to design new systems and capabilities that optimize and enhance human-system performance.

About BBA

BBA has been providing a wide range of consulting engineering services for over 40 years. Today, its engineering, environmental and commissioning experts team up to quickly and accurately pinpoint the needs of industrial and institutional clients. The firm’s expertise is recognized in the Energy and Natural Resources industry. With 20 offices in Canada and internationally (USA and Chile), offering clients local support and field presence, BBA provides some of the industry’s most innovative, sustainable and reliable engineering solutions.

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