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As part of its ambitious recovery plan, the SFP Pointe-Noire mandated BBA to design a master plan to rehabilitate its electrical infrastructure, which included designing and commissioning a 161/25 kV substation. It’s worth noting that this is one of the first privately owned digital high-voltage substations in Canada!

  • Region Eastern Canada
  • Client The Société ferroviaire et portuaire de Pointe-Noire (SFP Pointe-Noire)
  • Case study
  1. Our experts' solutions

    During the kick-off meeting, BBA quickly demonstrated the benefits a digital substation would have for SFP Pointe-Noire to ensure operational efficiency and asset sustainability. Although digital power systems are not yet prevalent in the private sector, SFP Pointe-Noire relied on BBA’s unparalleled electrical engineering expertise and opted for a fully digital solution that meets IEC 61850 standard requirements.

    That’s where our IEC 61850-based digital power system labs come in, because designs that look great on paper don’t necessarily behave the same in real life. BBA has labs in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver to check equipment compatibility and ensure seamless commissioning, whether through interconnection studies or extensive control and automation system testing.

    As a systems integrator, BBA works closely with manufacturers and has extensive expertise in interoperability. Even though this was the latest market technology, the client never felt their facilities were a testing ground. The substation has been operating since August 2021 and meets client expectations in every respect, and the client is pleased to have demonstrated vision and boldness.

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      BBA’s digital power system labs

      Our BBA experts work closely with our clients to provide them with a clear vision of their power system. First, we assess their infrastructure and work with them to develop master plans based on their priorities and investment plans.

      By being neutral when selecting technology suppliers, we ensure you get the most benefit from integrating them into your infrastructure and equipment. That’s why we first test our solutions in our technology labs before implementing them, to ensure interoperability, reliability and security. We do this to ensure the technology can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

      One of the major advantages of the BBA team is the in-depth knowledge we have of our clients’ operations. Thanks to our local presence, we can get to the site quickly and develop solutions that fit perfectly into your operations. As such, it’s important to mention that health and safety are key priorities in our corporate culture and are reflected in our actions on site, in our labs and in our engineering designs.

  1. Our mission is not to operate a substation, but to provide reliable and efficient storage and handling services to mining companies. By teaming up with BBA, a trusted partner, we’ve benefited from the most advanced expertise and best advice on digital power systems.
    Yannick Chassé, Project Manager – Engineering, SFP Pointe-Noire
    • 10,000+ signals signals from the sensors connected to the substation’s various devices. A treasure trove of real-time data collected to monitor the substation.
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