Operator console migration for a pulp and paper mill

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A major pulp and paper manufacturer, which produces about 2.9 million tonnes of newsprint per year, had to replace its obsolete Conductor operator consoles with 800xA consoles. The client wanted to transfer the technology as seamlessly as possible with the least amount of impact on production and operations personnel.

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  1. Our experts' solutions

    To meet the request and exceed client expectations, BBA developed a simple but efficient proposal that included:

    • Installing a new 800xA client/server system running simultaneously with existing consoles and without production shutdown
    • Replacing 25 consoles after a few weeks
    • Migrating all graphics and symbols to 800xA
    • Integrating two tools developed by BBA that optimize pop-up window display and navigation display panels (NDP)
    • Providing remote technical support via secured access
  1. We’re happy that our team was able to migrate the consoles, which included over 700 graphics, without the client having to perform any additional verification. We were able to provide a smooth transition to the new technology for the entire mill and operators required minimal training time.
    Alain Leclerc, Engineering Technician, DCS Conversion
    • 25 consoles replaced
    • 6,000 tags
    • 740 graphics
    • 470 symbols
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