HAZOP risk analysis in a petrochemical plant

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  • CAN/CSA-Z767-17
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Parachem Chemicals is the only Canadian manufacturer of paraxylene, an aromatic hydrocarbon in the polyester production chain used to manufacture clothing and plastic bottles, among other items. The company wanted to perform a hazard and operability (HAZOP) risk analysis for its paraxylene crystallization process. The purpose of the analysis was essentially to identify problematic operation and maintenance issues.

  • Region Eastern Canada
  • Client Parachem Chemicals
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA was awarded the mandate and used the Parachem Chemicals risk matrix to perform the analysis. This analysis covered the crystallization unit, with the exception of the ethylene and propane gas refrigeration unit. All the unit’s crystallization trains had to be analyzed. As for refrigeration, only the elements present in the crystallizer piping and instrumentation diagrams were assessed.

    The risk analysis identified risks in a standardized method, in compliance with the CAN/CSA-Z767-17 Process Safety Management standard. It was performed after nine meetings with the plant’s technical, operational and maintenance personnel. BBA hosted the meetings and recorded notes in PHA-Pro software. A total of 36 piping and instrumentation diagrams were reviewed during the meetings.

    • 36 Review of 36 piping and instrumentation diagrams
    • CAN/CSA-Z767-17 Compliance with the CAN/CSA-Z767-17 standard
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