Environmental impact assessment to replace the Timiskaming dam

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Project Page Hero Timiskaming Dam

Public Services and Procurement Canada wanted to have an environmental impact assessment performed before dismantling and building a new structure for the Timiskaming dam in Québec. The dam, which crosses the Ottawa River, serves as a key roadway and pedestrian link between Québec and Ontario. The upcoming work gave reason to believe that there would be certain impacts on users and fish habitat, including vulnerable or endangered species. The study performed under section 67 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act focused on reducing project impacts and compensating for the loss of fish habitat.

  • Region Eastern Canada
  • Client Public Services and Procurement Canada
  1. Our experts' solutions

    Our environmental experts, Biofilia, brought their vast expertise in environmental impact assessments as well as fish habitat and population management, the latter being this project’s main valued component and the most likely to be affected by the dam construction project. Biofilia was responsible for:

    • Heading and performing the biological and physical assessments for the site

      - Scientific fisheries and identification of species of interest

      - Characterization of spawning sites and various aquatic and riparian habitats

      - Identification of spawning chronology

      - Characterization of aquatic and riparian vegetation

      - Mammal inventory (amphibians, birds and reptiles)
    • Supporting studies of the human environment
    • Assessing impacts on the receiving environment and developing mitigation measures
    • Assessing residual impacts and developing compensation measures
    • Carrying out discussions and exchanges with and answers to questions from Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment Canada.
  1. The complementary work and its continuity with the work design team helped advance the project design quickly by incorporating various prevention and mitigation measures as the work progressed. As a result, we were able to develop a socially and environmentally acceptable project that complied with requirements from ministerial analysts working on the file.
    Vincent Clément, Director, Environment, BBA
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