Jul 21, 2022

Ingenious women – Valérie Houle

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“I find it normal to see women in engineering. It’s such interesting and wonderful work; why wouldn’t women want to do it, too? As a civil engineer, above all, I’m fascinated by structural aesthetics and complexity. I love studying the behaviour of structures in detail and thinking about the aspects that will ensure that future occupants are comfortable and safe.

  1. It’s advantageous when a diversified team carries out a project. This provides multiple perspectives, angles of approach and ways to tackle a problem. The more complementary a group is, the less chance of error, and that certainly means having a better gender balance.

    Early in my career, I met a few women who inspired me, including one who was in a management position and the mother of very young children. She made me realize that most barriers that are drilled into us, and that we end up integrating and imposing on ourselves, aren’t as insurmountable as we think. We have so much to gain, both individually and collectively, by being bold in this field, even if it’s never easy!

    As adults, we also have a responsibility to tear down preconceived notions and mitigate the effect of stereotypes on all of us. From early childhood, we need to introduce all children to science and explain how science-related disciplines can make a real difference in the world. This allows girls to see themselves in this world and make it their own, which I believe is essential if future generations of engineers are to be equal.”

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