Optimal explosion risk management at Agropur

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Every day, the Plessisville plant processes 600,000 litres of milk and 300,000 kg of concentrate. It uses a method for collecting processed protein concentrates to make milk powder.

Incidents at other plants showed that milk powder can become explosive when suspended in the air. Although an explosion is unlikely, the consequences can be serious. In this case, plant management had 60 days to bring the facilities up to standard to ensure employee safety—a process that normally takes at least a year.

  1. Our experts' solutions

    From the start of the project, BBA experts were able to reassess the concept of risk by not allowing the urgency of the situation to distract them and by carrying out an in-depth analysis. Processes and equipment for dust collection, bagging and cooling were treated as a priority, which allowed for a realistic and fast-paced schedule.

    Working closely with the plant’s team, BBA’s mechanical, automation, structural, process and project management experts took an innovative approach by developing multiple scenarios for each portion of the mandate, allowing for flexibility. There were multiple parameters in the equation: scheduling, worker and equipment availability, and plant capacity. A detailed dashboard allowed stakeholders to coordinate their efforts using a fine-tuned project management system.

    Sixty days after the start of the project, plant employees were able to breathe a sigh of relief—authorities deemed the facilities fully compliant.

  1. BBA’s experts brought a different perspective to a complex issue. They helped us make the plant safe in a short amount of time and helped us maintain the motivation and confidence necessary to make the right choices. They led this project masterfully while collaborating with our fully committed teams.
    Donald Lévesque, Engineering Manager – Industrial cheeses, Fine cheeses and Ingredients at Agropur Canada
    • 89 workers
    • 15 pieces of equipment to modify in 60 days
    • 600,000 litres of milk processed daily
    • 300,000 kg of milk protein concentrate processed daily
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