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Implementation of national North American centres for power generation control and management

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Project Page Hero Implementation national North American centres for power generation control and management

With the deregulation of North American electricity markets, Brookfield Renewable Power Inc. acquired several power generating facilities across North America to increase its power generating portfolio. The challenge was that this new asset’s operations were being controlled from five regional centres across North America, each using different software platforms and operating procedures. Brookfield wanted to consolidate monitoring, operations and management of all its operations into two national centres.

Awards and Recognition
  • Region International
  • Client Brookfield Renewable Power Inc.
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA’s team of SCADA, telecommunications and data processing experts were mandated to establish two national centres for power generation control and management, one in Canada and the other in the United States.

    This extremely complex project involved creating new telecontrol concepts and operating procedures to meet Brookfield’s operational and security needs. The client wanted to be able to operate a control centre nationally, while maintaining regional redundancy (multisite operation) and meeting new NERC regulations. The BBA team succeeded in designing and implementing innovative solutions that comply with one of the most complex regulations.

    • Audited work methods and generating assets to define project specifications and operator needs.
    • Designed a redundant and secured telecommunications system and a redundant data acquisition system with hardware and software redundancy.
    • Designed and implemented a SCADA system to synchronize all operations across the different regions.
    • Created a BBA test laboratory to verify telecommunications, gateway and SCADA concepts developed prior to deployment and commissioning.
    • Protected the communication system, specialized intruder detection equipment and firewalls.
    • Standardized operating practices.
    • Implemented in EPCM mode
  1. The BBA team tackled many challenges, both through its innovation in new redundancy techniques and its meticulous management of intrinsic security for new installations. BBA managed this project excellently by successfully meeting initial budgets while providing financial savings to Brookfield.
    • 4,000 MW Over 4,000 MW controlled
    • 150 power generating plants and control structures
    • 700 Over 700 generating units and control structures (dams, weir gates, control valves)
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