Detailed engineering for an aluminum smelter in Abu Dhabi

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Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) completed Phase I of a world-class aluminum smelter project with a nominal capacity of 700,000 tonnes per year, including a 2,400 MW power plant and port facilities. This plant includes a 20, 400 kV electrical system and 220 kV gas-insulated substations.

  • Region International
  • Client Emirates Aluminium
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA was mandated to perform the detailed engineering for project components related to electrical, automation, civil and structural engineering as well as building services.

    As part of this mandate, the BBA team worked on the engineering of the telecommunications infrastructure with Keops, a Montréal-based company specialized in implementing manufacturing execution systems (MES) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions. More specifically, BBA provided engineering services for the manufacturing network by using Rockwell Automation and Cisco telecommunications technologies. We also participated in construction supervision, testing and plant commissioning.

    • 400/220 kV, 220/33 kV, 33/6.6 kV, 33/0.4 kV and 6.6/0.4 kV transformers
    • 6.6 kV and 400 V switchgear
    • Traditional and underground installation of 330 km of 400, 220, 33 and 6.6 kV cables
    • Interface with the power plant (2,400 MW), interconnections and studies of the system
    • Programming of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and development of instrumentation and control standards
    • Ethernet and ControlNet communications system (OT – process)
    • Establishment of needs and designs for fibre optic network
    • Verification of ABB SCADA system compliance with the IEC 61850 standard
    • Design of sector substations (25 m x 6 m) and building of the main substation (100 m x 45 m), including transformer bays and HVAC systems
  1. The EMAL project has certainly been one of BBA’s flagship projects since its founding, specifically in electrical and automation. It testifies to the acknowledgement of our expertise and abilities to carry out major projects in the aluminum sector.
    Michel Néron, Project Manager, BBA
    • 470 km of cables required for the power distribution system
    • 1.3 km Facilities spanning 1.3 km
    • 750,000 tonnes of aluminum per year
    • 2,400 MW thermal power plant
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