May 30, 2023

Robin Wentzel appointed Director, Hydropower and Water Management

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BBA is pleased to announce the appointment of Robin Wentzel as Director, Hydropower and Water Management. His appointment took effect as of April 3, 2023, and he will be based at the Calgary, Alberta office.

  1. Robin Wentzel has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Management as well as an MBA. He has an established track record in the strategic development of renewable energy and clean technologies and is able to support clients through all stages of project development. He has considerable expertise in hydro and pumped-hydro storage projects and brings a strong commercial focus to inform optimal project design. He is committed to solving increasingly pressing environmental issues and finding innovative sustainable water management solutions for clients.

    “We’re pleased to welcome Robin to our team and are confident in his ability to unite BBA’s hydropower expertise while expanding our presence in Canada and abroad,” says François Vitez, Vice-President, Power and Renewables Market. “He'll be helping us gain an advantage in developing, refurbishing and optimizing energy infrastructure, as well as in advancing pumped-hydro storage power plants, an energy storage technology that helps with the intermittency of renewables such as wind and solar power.”

    Robin Wentzel will also bring an additional focus to water management services, enhancing BBA’s ability to offer clients integrated, sustainable water management solutions—an increasing need for many firms trying to cope with climate change and intensified weather extremes, like droughts and floods.

    “BBA stands out for its ingenuity, its sense of innovation and the creative and sustainable solutions it delivers to its clients, and that's what attracted me to BBA from the very beginning,” explains Robin Wentzel. “Another thing that struck me was the strong sense of team spirit, inclusiveness and collaboration throughout the organization to really work on finding these solutions for clients. I’m proud to join a consulting engineering firm where this team culture is tangible every day!”

    Before joining BBA, Robin worked at ATCO Power, ACCESS Renewable Energy and Water Power Group. Outside of Canada, he has lived in the UK and South Africa and worked on energy and environmental projects around the globe. His arrival strengthens BBA's expertise in the energy market, a sector the firm has been active in for over 40 years, and enriches the support offered to clients.

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