Jun 02, 2023

BBA publishes its first ESG report

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Today, BBA announces the publication of its first environmental, social and governance (ESG) report. This document reflects the commitments the consulting engineering firm has made over the past five years to serve as a socially responsible corporate citizen. It isn’t simply a list of actions that have been taken; it demonstrates how far BBA has come and sets the tone for future progress.

  1. As the growing awareness of ESG criteria pushes companies to develop their business models and innovate, the firm is convinced that it’s essential to share experiences and inspire one another to work together in achieving a greater global impact.

    “As a private engineering firm, we’ve always been mindful of our social responsibilities,” explains Jérôme Pelletier, President and CEO of BBA. “Given the increased importance of ESG factors in today's business world, we recognize that we need to adopt changing practices to ensure we remain transparent and relevant to our investors, clients and partners.”

    This ESG report is designed to provide an overview of BBA's efforts, ambitions and plans to continue developing as a sustainable organization and to demonstrate to its partners exactly what drives its business decisions.

    We hope you find this report valuable and useful for your own organization. If you have any questions about the BBA journey or want to share your own experiences, we'd be delighted to speak with you.

    To read the full BBA ESG report.

About BBA

BBA has been providing a wide range of consulting engineering services for over 40 years. Today, its engineering, environmental and commissioning experts team up to quickly and accurately pinpoint the needs of industrial and institutional clients. The firm’s expertise is recognized in the Energy and Natural Resources industry. With 20 offices in Canada and internationally (USA and Chile), offering clients local support and field presence, BBA provides some of the industry’s most innovative, sustainable and reliable engineering solutions.

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