Jun 08, 2022

BBA and Lombardi announce a strategic alliance for hydropower development projects

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BBA, a firm that specializes in the energy and natural resources sectors, and Lombardi, a global specialist in hydraulics and transportation infrastructure, have just announced the creation of a strategic alliance. The agreement establishes a framework for collaborating on pumped storage hydropower projects for Canadian clients, while laying the groundwork for international growth.

  1. Since the two consulting firms bring complementary skills, expertise, and talent to the table, they will now be able to offer a set of services that is truly unique in the market and thereby gain a competitive advantage.

    No new pumped storage hydropower plants have been built in North America in more than four decades, but there is a significant resurgence of interest in this type of technology. Pumped storage plants can make effective use of large quantities of renewable energy, such as wind and solar, by acting as massive batteries. These facilities compensate for the intermittency of weather-dependent renewable energy sources by pumping water uphill into a reservoir during periods of surplus energy and then reversing the circuit by releasing the water through turbines to generate power when energy production falls or demand surges.

    "Pumped-storage hydropower is a proven technology that needs to be part of Canada's energy mix if we truly want to decarbonise our economy," said François Vitez, Director of Renewable Energy at BBA.

    "No other firm in North America offers the expertise required to develop pumped storage hydropower facilities," added Luc Thibault, a senior hydropower expert at Lombardi. Already a major player in this field in Europe and other international markets, the Swiss company is working on the Snowy 2.0 project in Australia, which is currently under construction. The pumped storage hydropower plant will have an installed capacity of 2,000 MW, making it the most powerful facility of its kind in the country.

    The BBA-Lombardi alliance has already gained the interest of several stakeholders in the field, attesting to its strategic relevance in North America's green energy sector.


    François Vitez
    Director of Renewable Energy, BBA
    +1-604-961-2208 | francois.vitez@bba.ca

    Luc Thibault
    Senior hydropower expert, Lombardi
    +1-514-497-8680 | luc.thibault@lombardi.group

  2. About Lombardi

    Lombardi Group employs over 6​00 skilled engineers and technicians and offers design and supervision services around the world. With offices in Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, India, Italy and Peru, Lombardi provides infrastructure engineering services for initiatives requiring a balance between experience and innovation. By continually striving to combine these strengths, Lombardi has designed visionary projects based on a solid base of proven engineering practices. Lombardi's success is founded on close and lasting partnerships with its clients.

About BBA

BBA has been providing a wide range of consulting engineering services for over 40 years. Today, its engineering, environmental and commissioning experts team up to quickly and accurately pinpoint the needs of industrial and institutional clients. The firm’s expertise is recognized in the Energy and Natural Resources industry. With 20 offices in Canada and internationally (USA and Chile), offering clients local support and field presence, BBA provides some of the industry’s most innovative, sustainable and reliable engineering solutions.

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