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  • Acquisition
  • Acquisition Date 04/2021

In 2021, BBA acquired Flow Partners, a Canadian consulting firm specialized in industrial business transformation, resulting in enhanced services for our clients. This is possible thanks to combining BBA’s more than 40 years of technical consulting engineering expertise with that of Flow Partners, who offer specialized consulting services in business and digital transformation, continuous improvement, operational excellence and innovation management.

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  1. About


    Flow Partners’ approach is people-centric and focused on developing the internal capability of our client organizations to systemically identify and unlock improvement opportunities. Their methodology analyzes the ore-to-metal production system and supporting functions, from the mining face to the client. They leverage technology appropriately to allow for a more productive overall process where business integration delivers sustainable performance.


    Flow Partners is a value network of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive mining industry experience across commodities and geographies, open pit and underground operations, as well as greenfield projects and brownfield operations.

  2. Services

    Business integration

    Achieving business integration through people, processes and technology

    Lean mining program

    Performance management through the Flow Partners Lean Mining program: Value Stream Management

    Operational excellence

    Sustainable operational excellence, from vision to execution

  3. About the founder

    Laura Mottola is a seasoned professional mining engineer and business executive with over 30 years of global experience across the mining and manufacturing industries. She is recognized worldwide as a leader in operational excellence, innovation and business transformation in the natural resources sector. In addition to her dedication to Lean thinking and practice, she is passionate about integrating systems thinking, circular economy and other concepts to develop collaborative approaches that help solve complex industry problems.

    Laura is a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute’s faculty and regularly teaches Lean Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri) to global industry organizations and executive teams. She founded Flow Partners, a boutique consulting firm with operations in Canada and Chile, which is now part of the BBA Group, a Canadian engineering consulting firm that specializes in the mining and metals and energy sectors. Laura is Vice-President of Advisory Services, a partner and part of the management team at BBA.

    Notably, Laura was named in the inaugural edition of the 100 most inspirational women in mining by Women in Mining UK. She holds a B.Eng. in Mining and a Master’s of Engineering degree in Mining Automation from McGill University.

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