nov 03, 2022

BBA honoured at the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards

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BBA wins an award of excellence for its WindCharger project at the Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards, organized by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies together with the Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine. The awards are the industry’s highest mark of recognition for the most outstanding engineering projects by Canadian consulting engineering firms.

  1. WindCharger is the first battery energy storage system (BESS) that’s large enough to be used by the Alberta power grid. Located southeast of Calgary, it captures and stores the energy generated at the 66 MW Summerview II wind farm and then later discharges that clean power to the grid.

    The facility officially began commercial operations in October 2020 and supplies emission-free power to the provincial grid during times of peak demand or low wind conditions, compensating for the intermittent nature of wind power and making the system more reliable. All these advantages make it easier to shift over to large-scale renewables, which will provide greater predictability—a fundamental criterion for optimal management to help Alberta and Canada meet their respective climate change targets.

    “By successfully demonstrating the use of utility-scale BESS for renewables, WindCharger is paving the way for more widespread use of green power generation. In that sense, this is a truly groundbreaking project and very significant for the future of all Canadians,” explains Jérôme Pelletier, President and Chief Executive Officer at BBA.

    The ceremony was held at the Ottawa Art Gallery on November 3 and celebrates projects that connect our communities and improve the safety and quality of life of Canadians and people around the world. With its environmental, social and economic benefits, the WindCharger project certainly inspires us to move faster in creating a new energy universe and a more equitable world.

    To learn more about WindCharger, consult the project sheet on the ACEC website.

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BBA ha brindado una amplia gama de servicios de consultoría de ingeniería durante más de 40 años. Los expertos y expertas en ingeniería, medio ambiente y comisionamiento se unen para identificar de forma rápida y precisa las necesidades de los clientes industriales e institucionales. La experiencia de la empresa es reconocida en las industrias de energía y recursos naturales. Con 20 oficinas en Canadá y en el extranjero (Chile y Estados Unidos), BBA ofrece a los clientes apoyo local y presencia en terreno y brinda algunas de las soluciones de ingeniería y servicios de asesoría estratégica más innovadoras, sostenibles y confiables de la industria.

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