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Detailed engineering of a storage solution for an Alberta wind farm

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WindCharger is Alberta’s first utility-scale lithium-ion energy storage project and uses the new Tesla Megapack technology. It has a nameplate capacity of 10MW and total storage capacity of 20MWh, charged in approximately two hours. This technology supports fully “behind the fence renewable energy,” powered by TransAlta’s Summerview II wind. Additionally, the project brings great benefits to the grid in terms of fast response time, reactive power capability and frequency deviation response.

Awards and Recognition
  • Region Western Canada
  • Client TransAlta Renewables
  • Case study
  1. Our expert's solutions

    The WindCharger project is the first of its kind in Alberta. The design team worked with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) to establish the project’s specific electricity grid interconnection requirements and applicable standards. Our experts then performed detailed engineering at all stages of the project, from conducting studies through to electrical equipment testing, Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) testing and technical support during commissioning.

    Electrical components:

    • Interconnection studies
    • Short-circuit, protection and arc-flash studies
    • Design and integration of electrical equipment inside the substation
    • Equipment specifications
    • Integration of controls and protections
    • Commissioning of electrical equipment in collaboration with Tesla
    • WECC testing

    Civil and structural components:

    • Substation extension
    • Site preparation
    • Foundation and piles
    • Structure for indoor equipment

    Automation components:

    • Control logic definition and implementation
    • Telecommunications network design and integration
    • Data concentrator configuration
    • Screen page configuration
  1. WindCharger is a first for the Alberta regulatory environment and a first for Tesla in a northern climate, and the BBA team had to work closely with TransAlta, Tesla and the AESO to meet the challenge and deliver a performance-driven solution.
    Sébastien Grégoire, P.Eng., Project Manager BBA
    • 10 MW Rated capacity
    • 20 MW-h Total energy
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