sept 22, 2016

Off-grid hybrid systems through adaptive power setpoints

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Generating electricity using off-grid systems in remote areas is expensive and involves significant procurement and operational challenges. Optimizing the use of energy sources reduces fuel consumption, which has a direct impact on the environment.

  1. The adaptive power setpoint should be an integral part of smart grids. It allows for the addition of off-grid storage systems as well as several power sources, including renewable ones, without compromising system reliability and stability. This logic can be part of the real-time management strategy for the power sources of off-grid systems, including microgrids, to reduce construction and operational costs since the various sources are operated concurrently to optimum effect.

    This logic has been successfully applied to several off-grid systems in order to incorporate highspeed generators as alternative energy sources. For example, the adaptive power setpoint was used to integrate three diesel generators to a system powered by a liquid natural gas (LNG) generating station. It was also used to facilitate the addition of a 3 MW wind turbine to the offgrid system of a major mining site.

    An adaptive power setpoint can be used for different system configurations and grid conditions in order to meet user needs while optimizing the use of various power generation sources with an off-grid system.

    In this white paper, you will learn:

    • Why adaptive power sets should be an integral part of your smart grid power systems
    • How to apply them to your off-grid systems
    • What the benefits are in implementing them

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