nov 02, 2018

Assessment of design and operating practices on the risks associated with waste rock stockpiles

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  1. The risks associated with the construction, operation and closure of a Waste Rock Facility (WRF) can be significant. This paper demonstrates the impacts that design, construction and operation can have on the overall risk associated with such facilities. This paper first looks at a facility and its current ongoing operation. This is followed by an evaluation of risk for the proposed LOM configuration, with and without mitigating measures with respect to design, construction and operation. The risks associated with current operations as well as the configuration at closure carried with it a level of risk which the operator found inappropriate. Design, construction and operating recommendations were which reduced risks to acceptable levels. This paper relates the findings of this case study.

    Note that this white paper was the subject of a presentation at the Tailings and Mine Waste’18 Conference in Colorado State University.

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