sept 10, 2020

Remote inspections: a flexible and economic solution

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Remote inspections are being used more and more often in the engineering and environmental management fields. Cameras and sensors are used to survey sites and collect as much information as possible about a specific work or area.

Drones are the perfect tool for remote inspections because of their agility and low cost. They’re particularly useful in elevated sites or confined spaces. However, there are several other ways to visit sites and capture data, including helicopter, car and other means of transportation.

  1. Combining inspection, geomatics and industrial IT

    One of the challenges to remote inspections is deliverable format. For instance, imagine an airborne inspection of a 40-kilometre power line; you’d end up with several video files featuring hours of footage and large files that would be hard to use.

    To address these issues, BBA’s geomatics and industrial IT experts developed a presentation interface that allows you to sync inspection videos with interactive location maps. That way, you always know the camera’s position. What’s more, you can use the interactive feature to move the camera down the line. This allows inspectors to access information and document it quickly and efficiently

    This method can be used for inspecting long, linear structures or vertical ones. For example, a telecommunications tower could be inspected using a high-precision drone that takes photos and videos of the structure, while providing the exact location of the device and camera.

  2. Benefits of the BBA solution

    BBA’s solution is game-changing for telecommunications towers, pylons, buildings, engineering structures, wetlands and natural areas and offers many advantages:

    • Increases security
    • Reduces downtime, inspection times and costs
    • Keeps equipment operational
    • Provides access to remote locations
    • Integrates inspection tracking forms with the visualization system
    • Records inspection history
    • Compares inspections performed at different times
    • Contact BBA to learn more about remote inspection services.

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