Replacement of two transformers with one new one at the Fortress Specialty Cellulose plant in Thurso

  • Proyecto
  • oil transformers
  • arc flash studies
  • Fluid-filled transformer
  • detailed engineering
  • design
  • commissioning
Project Page Hero Replacing two transformers Thurso

In 2017, Fortress Specialty Cellulose had to replace two oil transformers, which were showing signs of deterioration after reaching the end of their useful life. These transformers were of utmost importance, as they supplied the plant’s critical loads. Major arc flash problems also had to be resolved because of the relatively high power of the new transformer.

  • Región Eastern Canada
  • Cliente Fortress Specialty Cellulose
  1. Our experts' solutions

    The project included installing new equipment, such as a 13.8 kV switch, a 13.8 kV/600 V transformer, a 4,000 A cable conduit and a 600 V switchgear. The BBA team was involved in every step, from preliminary studies, to determine the project concept, to design, detailed engineering and commissioning. All equipment had to be installed and pre-tested before the annual shutdown of plant operations. As a result, BBA had barely two nights to transfer the critical load of the two oil transformers to the new transformer.

    • Developed a design that met client needs and drafted technical specifications and tender documents
    • Performed detailed engineering, including civil engineering plans for the new outdoor transformer concrete slab, electrical plans and the contractor scope of work
    • Revised and approved manufacturer drawings
    • Reviewed protection settings to reduce exposure levels in the event of a failure that would generate an electric arc
    • Performed onsite pre-operational verifications and commissioning
  1. Knowledge of available technologies and opportunities enabled us to reduce power levels in the event an arc develops when working on new equipment, which is in line with Fortress Specialty Cellulose’s desire to provide its employees with a much safer work environment.
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