Replacement of glycol furnaces in a precious metals processing plant

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Project Page Hero Replacing glycol furnaces

This client’s two glycol furnaces were experiencing problems with frost accumulation on the flame detectors and humidity in the combustion chambers. According to the manufacturer, the problem was so severe that it seriously compromised the life of the furnaces.

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  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA engineers worked closely with client personnel to identify the causes of these problems and find optimal solutions. After analyzing the proposed options, the client decided to replace the existing furnaces with new ones capable of handling condensation.

    The work was carried out by a multidisciplinary team with the following expertise: processes, mechanical and piping, electrical and automation, civil and structural.

    • Validated design capacities and required operating conditions
    • Identified connection points with existing facilities (piping, electrical installations, instrumentation, automation)
    • Performed test procedure for the new piping
    • Designed modifications and interconnections (piping, electrical and automation)
    • Performed engineering and modified input/output drawings (electrical and AIT) and new drawings for electrical distribution
    • Provided network architecture drawings
    • Integrated new boilers into the process control procedure
    • Modified programming
    • Dismantled control logic from old boilers
    • Tested communications and validated electrical equipment for new boilers at the supplier
    • Pre-operational verification and commissioning
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