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Grise Fiord Project - Canada's Northernmost diesel power plant

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Grise Fiord is located 1,140 km north of the Arctic Circle. The community is difficult to access and is home to about 130 inhabitants. It is the northernmost inhabited region of the country with some of the coldest temperatures in the world. The project began when Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) started replacing its aging diesel facility with a new, more efficient 900 kW power plant, including 4,160 V for the community. The project involved significant design constraints and needed to be carried out under a very tight deadline because of the harsh climate and a very short navigation season.

Premios y reconocimientos
  • Región Northern Canada
  • Cliente EBC for Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC)
  • Caso práctico
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA was chosen by EBC to provide its expertise in design, construction support, commissioning and start-up for the modular plant. The implemented solutions were:

    • Design of a power plant in seven modules that were pre-assembled and tested at the factory, substantially reducing construction costs.
    • The use of 3D modelling during design to resolve design issues upstream
    • The design of a structure made entirely of steel to make it easier to move (structure, pilings, floor, walls, studs, interior and exterior finishing, etc.)
    • Integration of the IEC 61850 communication protocol across all control components also enabled cutting-edge, low-cost construction.
    • Design of all the new facility’s systems, including interconnection of the distribution network and grounding in permafrost conditions.
    • Plant endurance tests, disassembly, packaging, transport, unloading and installation on steel pilings.
    • Perform all electrical studies: arc flash, protection, power flow, surge voltage.
  1. We adapted our construction approach based on the extreme cold and the site’s limited access. We decided to assemble the modules and perform the pre-operational testing at the factory to reduce the work duration in the Far North.
    Mario Gignac, Department Manager, Civil and Structural, BBA
    • 900 kW electrical power plant
    • 4,160 V distributed to the local community
    • 1,140 km Located 1,140 km north of the Arctic Circle
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