Designing a cloud computing data acquisition system for the maritime sector

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GHGES Marine Solutions is an SME that specializes in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction for the maritime sector. The company wanted a data acquisition device for fishing vessels, the Marentrack Inc. system, to collect information from maritime equipment, like fuel consumption and vessel speed, archive this data locally and transmit a copy using an Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

  1. Our experts' solutions

    The challenge was to set up a system to continuously monitor vessel performance indicators throughout the journey, without losing data when communication with the vessels is lost.

    Because the client had no IT infrastructure, BBA’s industrial IT experts used a cloud infrastructure to create a rugged and flexible system. They designed a platform to receive data from unconventional equipment. The data would be analyzed in the cloud computing platform based on criteria developed by GHGES and then presented on web-based dashboards.

    The system was tested on the maiden voyage of a fishing vessel that left from Newport in the Gaspé and travelled to Natashquan on the North Shore. Throughout the journey, the data acquisition system transmitted 24,000 messages containing 40 telemetry tags; that’s nearly one million data points that were later analyzed.

  1. This mandate demonstrated that it’s possible to design low-cost data acquisition, processing and analysis systems for any market.
    Harlem Ahua, P.Eng. Projet Manager, BBA
    • Data acquisition system transmitted 24000 messages
    • 40 telemetry tags
    • One million data points
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