Design of a biogas upgrading plant

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A leader in biogas upgrading, Xebec is a global provider of low-carbon energy solutions for energy, mobility and industrial applications. Xebec has five manufacturing facilities and eight clean technology service centres across four continents.

BBA’s initial design mandate for Xebec in Ontario convinced the client to entrust us with another mandate to design a plant that would house a biogas upgrading system in Oak Valley, Idaho, USA.

  • Fecha sept 21, 2021
  • Región Eastern Canada
  • Cliente Xebec

  1. Our experts' solutions

    Our experts were creative in finding simple solutions to complex problems to reduce construction time.

    One of these solutions was a modular approach, as our teams designed the plant using steel modules tailored to house the equipment—reservoirs, air coolers, filters, refrigerators, electrical and mechanical containers—and the necessary piping. All modules were prefabricated in Canada and then transported, delivered and assembled in the United States.

  2. Most importantly, our experts incorporated ground transport standards for length and weight, so the modules could be transported without needing special permits. This approach cut construction time in half, lowered costs and optimized overall quality, because the prefabricated structures were not subjected to weather conditions.

    Since some BBA engineers can practice in the United States and therefore sign plans there, the design was carried out according to Idaho standards. Our experts also configured and implemented CADWorx Plant 3D and ISOGEN piping design software and provided customized training to Xebec’s CAD designers and technicians to optimize piping deliverable preparation.


    • Technical design of modules
    • Piping design
    • Plant layout configuration and optimization
    • Lifting analysis, including lifting schematics
    • Road transport study as per North American trucking standards
    • Technical engineering and design support
  1. BBA’s clever modular design approach yielded substantial savings in time and money for our client. Not only did our experts meet the deadlines, but they also delivered very high-quality work.
    Nicolas Beauchamp, P.Eng., Project Director, BBA
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