mar 07, 2022

BBA partners with Artemis Project to support and leverage female talent in STEM

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Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec – BBA has signed a multi-year procurement agreement with Artemis Project, an organization that aims to accelerate business outcomes for women entrepreneurs in the mining and metals industry. As the only Canadian consulting engineering firm to secure an exclusive agreement with the organization, BBA and its clients will have access to Artemis members' cutting-edge ideas and expertise.

  1. The partnership, which came into effect in January 2022, reflects BBA's commitment to improving gender diversity across the supply chain, as well as its recognition of the tremendous value that women bring to the field.

    "BBA has worked hard—and successfully—to include, place and develop representative personnel, contractors and suppliers at all levels and in all our operations," said Jérôme Pelletier, President and CEO of BBA. "Artemis members are high-calibre, experienced professionals who have the skills, knowledge and experience that we and our clients need and rely on. And they deliver what they promise; Artemis makes sure of it. Those reasons alone—guaranteed access to competent, capable, reliable resources—are enough for us to cement this deal with Artemis."

    Artemis has applauded BBA's leadership in creating a more level playing field for women entrepreneurs in STEM. "We are thrilled to see BBA put deliberate and quantifiable action in its inclusion policy and in return, we are offering an exclusive arrangement," said Heather Gamble, CEO of Artemis. "BBA will be the only engineering firm able to access the amazing talents and expertise of Artemis members."

    About Artemis Project

    Artemis Project is the first international inter-related collective of female entrepreneurs delivering innovative solutions for the mining sector. To learn more, please visit

    Contact: Mary Louise Squissato, Communications Manager,

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