Power System Asset Management Solutions (PSAMS)

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BBA is proud to announce its acquisition of Power System Asset Management Solutions (PSAMS), which bolsters BBA’s offering with a full range of advanced electrical testing and analysis services for industrial companies and utilities.

PSAMS highly experienced team of experts, instructors and consultants are recognized as industry leaders in designing, operating, maintaining and testing electrical equipment.

  1. About the founder

    Dr. Prodipto Sankar Ghosh has 28 years of experience in the specialized field of high-voltage engineering and is experienced in electrical system commissioning, operations and maintenance. Dr. Ghosh has in-depth knowledge of testing standards for high-voltage electrical equipment and is a member of several national and international professional organizations.

    Dr. Ghosh is an excellent speaker, instructor and consultant in all aspects of high-voltage electrical systems. He is knowledgeable in condition assessment and condition-based maintenance (CBM) techniques of high-voltage electrical equipment and has provided expert services to industries and power utilities in Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and India. He is best known for his knowledge of failure analysis for high-voltage electrical equipment. He is considered a specialist in assessing risks for transformers, switchgear and cables.

    On a personal level, Dr. Ghosh has shown an incredible fortitude to persevere and ensure delivery no matter what the request, when fitting with his expertise. He can multitask on not only a technical level but also with schedules that would seem unrealistic to others. His dedication to highest quality results is, in fact, a signature to his ultimate success.

  2. PSAMS services

      • Engineering analysis: load flow, short circuit, protection coordination, arc-flash hazard calculation, cable sizing and substation ground grid design
      • Preparation of engineering specifications for power equipment
      • Preparation of equipment requisitions, bid evaluations and order packages
      • Review of vendor drawings
      • Electrical design and drafting, e.g., single-line diagrams, wiring, schematics, three-line diagrams, etc., for construction, integration and turnover packages
      • Design and integration of on-line condition monitoring systems for large or critical transformers, cables, switchgear
      • Developing electrical equipment maintenance standards
      • Conducting detailed on-site electrical maintenance audits
      • PAS55-based asset management audits
      • Developing maintenance strategy based on failure mode, effect and criticality analysis (FMECA) tool
      • Developing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and maintenance procedures for electrical equipment
      • Failure analysis of transformers, cables and switchgear; expert witness
      • Review of specifications for transformers, cables and switchgear for CBM options.
      • Factory witness testing for end users
      • End-of-life assessment of transformers, cables and switchgear
      • Maintenance and Testing of Power Transformers (2 days)
      • Maintenance and Testing of Medium-Voltage Power Cables (2 days)
      • Maintenance and Testing of Medium-Voltage Switchgear (2 days)
      • Electrical Protection System (2 days)
      • Cable Fault Locating (2 days)

      Additional and client-specific requested courses are available.

      • Commissioning and maintenance tests for cables, transformers, current transformers, potential transformers, switchgear, capacitor banks, switches and motors
      • Online and offline partial discharge testing of cables, transformers, switchgear, motors and generators
      • Web-based cable life cycle management software
      • Web-based transformer life cycle management software
  3. Some of our clients

    • ABB
    • Canadian Natural Resources Limited
    • Cenovus Energy
    • Enmax
    • EPCOR Utilities
    • Inter Pipeline
    • Nova Chemicals
    • Nutrien
    • Imperial Oil Limited
    • Siemens
    • Suncor Energy
  1. PSAMS provides a full range of electrical asset training and consulting service now available in BBA's field services offer
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