Austin Engineering

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  • Fecha de adquisición 01/2022

Austin Engineering has been part of BBA since January 1, 2022. Located in Trail, British Columbia, the team holds leading expertise in dam safety and hydrotechnical, civil and structural, and geotechnical services. This acquisition adds to BBA's strategic growth and strengthens its position in the energy and natural resources industry.

To learn more, refer to the press release.

  1. About

    Austin Engineering is a leader in dam safety and hydropower and advises on all aspects of hydroelectric dam projects.

    The firm is passionate about connecting with local communities and is also proud to lead with a global outlook when it comes to engineering a project or creating solutions through industry game-changing research and development.

    Austin Engineering values its people above all; the team’s positive attitude is its cornerstone when it comes to expertly meeting challenging deadlines. They are on-the-ground movers, quick thinkers and adaptive professionals who are ready for any challenge. The team works together on every project to ensure their services are always delivered to the highest level and always with their client’s success in mind.

  2. Expertise
      • Dam safety reviews
      • Inspections
      • Seismic analysis
      • Regulatory compliance
      • Innovation
      • Condition assessments
      • Hydrological modelling and flood mapping
      • Flood hazard assessments and flood risk assessments
      • Spillway and hydraulic structure design and assessments
      • Erosion control
      • Channel remediation
      • Inspections and condition assessments
      • Design and construction management of timber, steel and concrete
      • Substation and transmission design
      • Bridges
      • Geotechnical investigations and testing
      • Slope stability analysis and design
      • Seismic analysis
      • Earth-fill dam
      • Dyke design
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