Integration of wind power generation and storage to the Raglan mine power system

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The Raglan Mine, owned by Glencore and located in Northern Québec (Nunavik), is powered by an off-grid power system consisting of over 20 generators that consume several thousand litres of diesel fuel per hour.

Tugliq Energy integrated two wind turbines on the Raglan Mine site as well as various storage systems including lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and a flywheel. The storage systems serve as a power reserve to offset the variation in wind generation and the reduction in the spinning reserve of the diesel plant generators. As a result, this makes it easier to integrate two wind turbines to the Raglan Mine power grid.

When the winds are favourable, 6MW of wind power are integrated into the Raglan Mine system.

(Photo credit: Justin Bulota)

  • Region Northern Canada
  • Clients Mine Raglan , Tugliq Energy
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA’s off-grid system expertise and its extensive knowledge of the Raglan Mine site helped obtain this mandate. In fact, since 2007, BBA has commissioned over 12 generators on the Raglan Mine site in addition to having designed and commissioned the 25kV grid in 2013.

    Among the various mandates to carry out, the developer of the Tugliq Energy project and the mining client, Raglan Mine, chose BBA to integrate the systems into the 25kV Raglan Mine grid.

    BBA played a key role in these projects by performing the following work:

    • Performed a study to incorporate the wind and storage system into the 25kV grid.
    • Performed an impact assessment on the site’s thermal network.
    • Developed and implemented the operating strategy and spinning reserve.
    • Designed an electrical room.
    • Designed and performed the detailed engineering to connect new equipment.
    • Incorporated a data acquisition and control system (SCADA) to the power system.
    • Performed short-circuit, and arc flash and protection studies.
    • Performed a grounding compliance study.
    • Provided site support and commissioned electrical equipment.
    • Served as a client representative (Raglan Mine).
  1. Thanks to its expertise founded on best industry practices, BBA was able to contribute to this bold project. The firm provided us with a comprehensive solution to integrate a wind farm with energy storage into an off-grid system in an arctic environment. Despite the extremely tight deadlines and the sometimes difficult conditions, BBA team members delivered the project on time without skimping on quality or safety.
    Justin Bulota, Project Leader, Tugliq Energy
    • 3MW Integration of a 3MW wind turbine in 2014 and a second 3MW turbine in 2018 for a total of 6MW connected to the 25kV system
    • 4.4 Expected annual savings of 4.4 million litres of diesel fuel
    • 1MWh Integration of a storage system through 1MWh lithium-ion batteries in 2018 – 3MW / 20 minutes or 1MW / 60 minutes
    • 200KW Integration of a hydrogen system in 2014 – 200KW / 21 hours
    • 200kW Integration of a flywheel in 2014 – 200kW / 27 seconds
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