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  1. If our goal is to mitigate, or even reverse, the effects of human activity on the planet, then we all need to strive for better resource efficiency and biodiversity conservation. After decades of considering environmental performance as second priority, the energy and natural resources industry urgently needs to regain the trust of communities, project stakeholders and funding partners.

  1. Using digital technologies to provide transparency through real-time environmental information can help the industry improve its reputation and rebuild trust. The digital movement happening worldwide is influencing the way we do things and the way we think, both strategically and operationally. Data is the foundation for sound decision making, and well-managed digital transformation opens the door to many untapped opportunities. Real-time data sharing must now be included in all new industrial projects and added to existing operations. As the practice becomes more widespread, it will become a standard that communities expect.

    Providing raw data in real time changes the corporate-public communications model. It opens the door to dialogue and feedback, while empowering community actors to hold companies accountable for taking swift action when needed. It also allows companies to track environmental data and respond with effective measures before the public sounds the alarm. While real-time environmental data sharing is intended to be just one part of a broader ESG strategy, it’s a concrete measure that companies can implement today.

    However, for many organizations, the ever-accelerating pace of the industry’s transformation and the complexity and volume of available data is what prevents them from understanding and acting on our economy’s sustainability needs. At BBA, by combining our technical know-how with our strategic business sense, we help clients:

    • evaluate their organization’s impact and co-create a clear vision of change.
    • implement data-gathering methods and technologies to enable data-driven decision making.
    • convert real-time data into a practical action plan for well-calibrated and sustainable industrial processes.
    • plan and deploy a customized sustainability roadmap, throughout the project life cycle
    • become leaders in resilient, circular and decarbonized processes.
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