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  1. Decarbonization is happening now and being defined collectively. Industrial companies have an important role to play in accelerating the creation of this new energy world, a world that is more equitable, both socially and environmentally. And with global energy consumption constantly increasing, it’s important to invest in renewable sources to make them more reliable, affordable and sustainable.

  2. BBA has made its mark in the Canadian energy and natural resources industry thanks to its cutting-edge expertise. We’re committed to creating change by being a first-class partner in helping clients achieve a better transition toward resilient, greener and low-carbon solutions
  1. For over 40 years, we’ve been renowned for our technical expertise in maintaining and leveraging existing energy infrastructure, while improving industrial operations by implementing energy efficiency measures such as heat recovery, thermal system integration and more. And now, our strategic, multi-disciplinary, holistic and practical vision accompanies industrial clients in developing their strategic plans, while helping them move from ideation to reality with rigorous and well-sequenced implementation. That’s what makes us the ideal partner for industrial and institutional clients who aim to reach carbon neutrality by implementing solutions that are both sustainable and profitable.

    And, as digital technology becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, smart energy is also opening doors to ways we can reduce consumption. We’ve been developing this cutting-edge expertise for years and have continued to invest a great deal of effort in keeping up with the best solutions to properly equip our clients.

    We help our clients meet their long-term goals without losing sight of their short-term objectives by:

    • identifying and prioritizing energy-efficient practices.
    • adopting clean energy technologies and infrastructure.
    • converting autonomous energy systems to renewable energies and sourcing operational electricity needs from renewable sources.
    • developing robust and reliable off-grid hybrid power systems.
    • safely integrating alternative fuels such as hydrogen or liquified natural gas, accounting for existing infrastructure.
    • investing in smart and renewable energy and energy storage technologies
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