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  1. The climate crisis is affecting economies across the globe and putting communities on the lookout. Economic growth, social development and climate action require sustainable industrial and technological development. Fortunately, resourceful and passionate minds are working to implement technologies that capture and transform CO2 to use in value-added applications. Once again, innovation is bringing us to a pivotal point in industry evolution.

  1. BBA is a leader in decarbonization engineering solutions, assisting industrial and institutional clients on the front line of this transformational move towards a circular, resilient and low-carbon economy. For over 10 years, we’ve been involved in some of the largest carbon capture projects in Canada—at the source and directly from the atmosphere. Our recognized expertise in electrical and power plant auxiliary systems and our in-depth knowledge of industrial and petrochemical processes, combined with our experience with various technologies, have also been great assets in some of the largest Canadian hydrogen projects.

    Conscious of the changing green social contract, we provide solutions that combine the goals of economic development with environmental protection. Our sustainability practice, including advisory insight, tested engineering, environmental expertise and onsite field presence, allows us to approach challenges with a holistic view to find the best solution for all industrial client operations, as unique and complex as they may be.

  1. We believe that our most important resources are natural: ones we need to work with, never against. It all starts with leading by example. For us, sustainability is a mindset, and it forms the foundation of every project we take on.
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