Our Sustainability Promise

  1. A sustainable tomorrow that starts today

    The energy and natural resources industry is transforming: sustainability has taken centre stage and expectations on companies to demonstrate strong and measurable ESG performance are escalating. This movement is driving companies to advance their business model and innovate in order to thrive in a world where cost competitiveness and productivity remain a key challenge.

  2. Now more than ever, the focus on sustainability is driving industrial organizations to develop innovative strategies and solutions to meet their short-term business goals. In return, long-term value is created by working toward a better environment, healthier communities and good corporate governance practices. Industry players have a critical role to play in shaping green initiatives that will become the foundation of a sustainable future.

    We expect that there will be major opportunities to make a positive impact in the years to come, so we’ve made the energy and natural resources industry our playground.

    On the journey to sustainability, every client’s operations, context and challenges are unique. At BBA, we tailor our services to suit our clients’ needs because providing custom solutions is the key to solving any problem, no matter how unique or complex it may be. And, while we need to build for today, we also need to design for tomorrow. We believe that scalability and adaptability must be built into the blueprint of every solution we develop.

    Our multidisciplinary experts adopt a hands-on approach driven by ingenuity, from strategy to execution. They’re dedicated to offering industrial and institutional organizations a comprehensive suite of customized consulting, engineering and environmental solutions across all stages of their asset life cycles, from strategic planning; technical, economic and environmental front-end studies; detailed engineering, commissioning and back-end field operations; to biodiversity conservation management and ongoing monitoring, mitigation and remediation.

    After all, true passion knows no limits. Ours is helping clients navigate the path forward and become leaders in the movement committed to forging a more resilient tomorrow. This is what inspires us to make the biggest impactevery day.

  3. Strategies for today that work for tomorrow

    Shaping a brighter future for generations to come requires a commitment today to sustainable industrialization and energy sources. In line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, we aim to:

    • Take action to tackle climate change and its impacts by attaining sustainable industrialization, building resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation.

    • Ensure sustainable resource consumption and production patterns.

    • Achieve affordable, accessible and clean energy for all.

  4. BBA is also committed to being part of the business plan for the planet by:
    • achieving carbon neutrality in our own operations and supply chain by 2030, or sooner.
    • transforming our core business activities to integrate sustainable practices at the heart of our technical workflows.
    • honouring engineers who have created a stand-out project, thanks to the quality of its environmental stewardship as main sponsor of the ACEC Tree for Life Award.
    • establishing lasting and authentic partnerships with our project stakeholders.
    • giving back to local communities and social involvement.
  5. 01 We are powered by the future
    Decarbonization is happening now and being defined collectively. Industrial companies have an important role to play in accelerating the creation of this new energy world, a world that is more equitable, both socially and environmentally. And with global energy consumption constantly increasing, it’s important to invest in renewable sources to make them more reliable, affordable and sustainable.
    02 We nurture our nature
    The mining industry produces materials essential to human progress. It’s the starting point in the supply chain for much of the economy and an important driver of the clean energy transition that will be significantly mineral intensive. But as demand rises, the mining sector faces increasing pressure from governments, investors and society to find new ways to enhance the positive impacts it has across the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
    03 We help ingenious minds succeed
    The climate crisis is affecting economies across the globe and putting communities on the lookout.
    Economic growth, social development and climate action require sustainable industrial and technological development. Fortunately, resourceful and passionate minds are working to implement technologies that capture and transform CO2 to use in value-added applications. Once again, innovation is bringing us to a pivotal point in industry evolution.
    04 We contribute to rebuilding trust
    If our goal is to mitigate, or even reverse, the effects of human activity on the planet, then we all need to strive for better resource efficiency and biodiversity conservation. After decades of considering environmental performance as second priority, the energy and natural resources industry urgently needs to regain the trust of communities, project stakeholders and funding partners.
    05 At the heart of it all, we put people first
    At BBA, we believe successful business transformation arises from the varied expertise and points of view of a diverse and creative team. By sharing and pooling our knowledge, we empower each other. Our teams are composed of motivated and engaged employees from a range of technical, organizational, generational, cultural and gender diverse backgrounds. We foster a shared and inclusive space, leveraging diversity to incorporate new ideas and work methods.
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