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In today’s energy market, whether you’re in charge of manufacturing, procuring or commissioning transformers, the challenges you face are numerous and complex: an aging transformer fleet, the need to expand networks, implementing hybrid systems that integrate renewable energy sources, workforce training, protection and control issues, etc. Count on BBA’s experts to support you at every stage of managing your transformers, from design and technical specifications to choosing suppliers and commissioning.


  1. Design and studies

    Our experts are here for you to help select the most appropriate transformer ratings and configurations during the specification process. We can also ensure that all parameters comply with local code requirements and international standards.

    We offer an integrated package of network and transformer combined studies, such as power flow, in-rush current evaluation, insulation coordination, harmonics, grounding and fault analyses.

    BBA engineers have the experience and technical competence to validate equipment proposals, challenge deviations or concessions that are submitted on the project and propose solutions, where appropriate.

    We also provide consulting support for the design process, from tender to contract. You can count on us to be there for you.

  2. Our Technical capabilities
      • Perform detailed design reviews and verification, either locally or via a remotely managed procedure
      • Offer advice regarding opportunities to improve design solution optimization
      • Electrostatic and electromagnetic analyses
      • Tailored technical training courses for engineering teams
      • In-process technical support such as transformer pre-drying inspection of the active part
      • Technical and commercial bid analysis and recommendations
    • Factory GAP analysis studies and report on facility capabilities

      • Validation and potential improvement of procedures, processes and equipment
      • Upgrades and new product introduction support
      • Technical support with sub-supplier audits
      • Support training for manufacturing operators, quality control and inspection personnel
      • Manufacturing technical support across all transformer types
    • Extensive practical hands-on knowledge in testing all transformer types

      • Factory acceptance test witness
      • Technical support in the event of a critical test incident
      • Diagnostic testing support
      • Expertise in UHV AC & DC transformer tests
      • Auxiliary controls and equipment
      • Internal inspections
      • Site testing and commissioning
    • BBA experts offer onsite inspection and forensic analyses for operational defects or failures

      • Diagnostic testing support
      • System interaction implication studies
      • Dissolved gas analysis review
      • SFRA and NBDFR data review
      • Root cause analysis (RCA) and report
      • Protection and control equipment
      • Detailed procedures for intervention activities

      Transformer repairs

      • Evaluation and recommendations for reliable, cost-effective solutions

      Detailed analyses for upgrades and up-ratings, maintenance support for all transformer types

      • Analysis of design and components
      • Verification of controls and schematics
      • Calculations for cooling plant modifications, bushing and tap changer performance
      • Interchangeability of critical components
      • Loading analyses for rating and overload conditions
      • Technical support for site work and testing
      • Performance of routine low voltage tests
      • Review and checking the validity of site test reports
      • Supervision of site installation and commissioning activities
      • Recommendations for monitoring
      • Quality control verification of supplied equipment
      • Training workshops for maintenance teams and site personnel
      • CAPEX investment review for new plant and equipment
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