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Project Execution

To reach their increasingly ambitious targets, businesses must take great care to ensure the success of every project they undertake, especially when it comes to respecting budgets, schedules and overall quality.

Limited resources must be used responsibly to avoid jeopardizing project viability. That’s why impeccable project execution is a crucial part of every mandate. The key is to make the best management decisions, at the right time, based on reliable data.

Your challenges are complex…

Every project has its own unique requirements, scope and priorities. Using recognized management methods will allow you to control associated project risks, regardless of the lifecycle phase, from studies and detailed engineering to operational support.

You want to achieve success, so you’re looking for flexible and adaptable solutions while keeping your specific needs top-of-mind.

Your challenges:

  • Make the best use of your resources
  • Strictly adhere to budgets, schedules and quality criteria
  • Manage risks and opportunities

Our team can help!

Our team of 40+ project execution experts is recognized for its skills, agility, detailed knowledge of industry challenges and its ability to adapt to your needs.

Our tailor-made solutions reflect your project’s needs, its scope and its unique risks and opportunities, all while adhering to industry best practices (AACEI, PMI, etc.).

Whether you’re looking to manage your project throughout its lifecycle or during certain specific phases, you can count on our experienced and diverse team to meet each and every challenge.

Our solutions:

  • Varied execution and contractual approaches
  • Integrated project team
  • Owner’s representative team
  • Project audits (third-party)
  • Engineering, procurement and construction schedules
  • Planning and optimization of the workforce curve
  • Dashboard creation and customized monthly reports
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Platform implementation and document control system
  • Constructability review and visual sequence analysis
  • Use of powerful tools: Primavera P6, Prism G2 Suite, etc.


  • Project program management
  • Document control
  • Construction management, contract administration and HSE management
  • Cost control, planning and change management
  • CAPEX/OPEX estimation and claims settlement
  • Quality control
  • Cash flow management
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Risk and opportunity management



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