Nearly 50% of work hours

are spent in the field


The mining industry landscape is evolving rapidly. There are fewer and fewer high-grade ore deposits, and they’re located in increasingly remote and challenging areas. To meet the ever-growing demand for resources, mining companies are forced to develop these once-overlooked deposits, which are more complex and expensive to retrieve. To top it off, environmental standards are more stringent than ever, new technologies are constantly being introduced, worker safety continues to be a critical issue, and societal concerns about mining continue to grow.

Put simply, the challenges can be endless. To guarantee the profitability and long-term viability of their projects, mining companies must therefore reinvent themselves by adopting best practices at every step of the project lifecycle.

Your challenges are complex…

To optimize the performance of your mine site and improve profitability, you need to focus on detailed planning and meticulous management of your existing assets. Whether your project is at the grassroots stage or you’re looking to increase the output of a mature operation, you must make decisions based on exhaustive analyses that are both detailed and reliable.

Your challenges:

  • Integrate strategic mine planning throughout the project lifecycle
  • Maximize the value of your project to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations
  • Preserve your social licence to operate
  • Reduce the project’s environmental footprint to ensure long-term sustainability

Our team can help!

Our team of over 20 experts boasts a wide range of expertise, including NI 43-101 reporting, underground and open-pit mine design, drilling and blasting, and more. Our recommendations are founded on detailed analyses and rock-solid experience with operations management. Our presence in the field allows us to truly understand your situation and therefore propose custom solutions that are both profitable and sustainable.

Our goal is to reduce your operating costs, optimize your drilling and blasting applications, and increase the general productivity of your worksites, all while minimizing their environmental impact.

Our solutions:

  • Studies, audits and benchmarking
  • Economic analyses and detailed cash flow modelling
  • Mining dilution and ore loss estimates
  • Mine design and optimization (open-pit and underground)
  • Equipment selection, modernization and optimization
  • Mine-to-mill optimization
  • Integration of innovative solutions (digitalization, autonomous equipment, etc.)
  • Independent Qualified Persons for reporting in accordance with NI 43-101 or JORC codes


  • Open-pit and underground mines
  • Life-of-mine planning
  • Cost estimates and financial analyses
  • Qualified Person (QP)
  • Mine infrastructure and services
  • Operational support
  • Drill and blast
  • Mine ventilation
  • Rock mechanics
  • Integration of NI 43-101 reports
  • Audits and due diligence
  • Material Assessment Self Heating technology (MASH)



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