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Mineral processing and metallurgical engineering

With deposits becoming increasingly harder to access and minerals becoming rarer and more complex, the pressure to optimize processing methods is steadily increasing. Mine operators can benefit from a bold approach that relies on advanced technologies to extract ore from raw material: X-rays and new sorting technologies are just some of the approaches that are enhancing extraction methods and playing a decisive role in the profitability of modern mining operations.

The metallurgical transformation stage also has a unique set of challenges, including strict environmental standards, the pressure to decrease energy consumption and continous process optimization. Once again, innovation is key in crafting effective solutions.

Your challenges are complex…

For new plants, their first challenge is to support the design of mineral processing by conducting a rigorous sample analysis—a key step in ensuring the project’s viability. On top of that, they must take into account the ability to manage tailings effectively and to efficiently consume the necessary water and energy.

As for existing plants, manufacturers want to improve their energy efficiency, upgrade end-of-life and less powerful equipment, and optimize metallurgical yields, without jeopardizing their operations. These factors pose significant challenges on a daily basis.

Your challenges:

  • Optimize mineral processing
  • Manage tailings
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Upgrade equipment

Our team can help!

Mineral extraction and processing pose both technical and financial challenges. BBA’s internationally-renowned, multidisciplinary team includes experienced engineers and metallurgists, as well as technicians in various areas (mining, electrical, mechanical, automation, civil, chemical, etc.). Together, we’re able to pool our talents and design process flow sheets that optimize resource development.

We work with top Canadian and international labs to identify your mineral and develop efficient and profitable metallurgical transformation process flow sheets. We also have our own lab, which we use to perform optimization and reagent consumption tests for gold ore.

We leverage our combined mineral processing and tailings management expertise to ensure that your project fully complies with current standards and regulations.

Our solutions:

  • Studies related to design, techno-economic, feasibility, etc.
  • Operational audits (diagnostics, optimization and investments)
  • Planning of ore characterization and metallurgical test programs
  • Development of process flow sheets
  • Plant design
  • Capital and operational cost assessments


  • Geometallurgy
  • Flotation, magnetic or gravimetric separation
  • Audit and due diligence
  • Process simulations
  • Thickening, filtration and drying
  • Pyrometallurgy
  • Operational support
  • Material handling
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Crushing, grinding and classification
  • Integration of NI 43-101 reports
  • Material Assessment Self Heating technology (MASH)


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