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Industrial security and cybersecurity

When it comes to industrial security, companies must rely on an in-depth analysis of workplace vulnerabilities and hazards, including arc flashes, combustible dusts, noise and vibrations, and moving equipment. This analysis must also reflect the culture, values, and risk tolerance of each company.

New technologies offer a range of advantages to optimize processes, but they also come with their own set of risks. As a result, companies must prioritize industrial cybersecurity to protect their operations, their workers and the environment.

Your challenges are complex…

Whether you’re optimizing your industrial security and cybersecurity due to a crisis situation or doing so voluntarily for prevention purposes, you want to ensure maximum control at the best possible price.

Your chosen solutions must satisfy your legal obligations while enhancing the security of your operations. Your workers must also commit to respecting existing work methods, with an eye towards shared responsibility.

Your challenges:

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BBA designs tailored risk management strategies that are based on your level of desired detail and your specific risk tolerance. Our industrial security experts are proficient in assessing the various hazards in your facilities, including noise, vapours, gases, dusts, combustible waste, and more.

In terms of industrial cybersecurity, we possess extensive experience with industrial control systems and an in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements. For us, an effective industrial cybersecurity program must reflect the company’s vision and support its growth.

Our solutions:

  • Standards gap analysis: NERC, CIP, NIST, CSA Z462, OSHA 3132 and IEC
  • Operational security and industrial cybersecurity risk analyses
  • Review of work and intervention methods, awareness and training
  • Implementation of incident prevention, hygiene and worker health strategies
  • Implementation of a preventive noise and vibration management program
  • Industrial cybersecurity governance, engineering and operation
  • Vibration diagnostics through motion amplification (RDI Technologies Certified Service Provider)


  • Hazardous locations
  • Hazard and operability study (HAZOP)
  • Instrumented safety system
  • Combustible dusts, gas and flammable vapours
  • Industrial hygiene and air quality
  • Sound mapping


Every industrial automation and control systems (IACS) environment has its specific risk profile, shaped by the threats its components are exposed to, the likelihood of those threats arising, the vulnerabilities in the system, the consequences of having the system compromised and the risk tolerance of the organization.

This document will guide an organization to manage the cybersecurity risk of its IACS environment and, more specifically, through the process of assessing the cybersecurity risk of the IACS environment and mitigating identified risks into tolerable levels. (…)

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