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Environmental services

For many years, economic growth and environmental protection have been competing for attention, but things are beginning to change. Today, every development project requires the integration of environmental services. Whether it’s to operate a mine, build a power grid or even set up a plant, all projects must be preceded by a rigorous environmental assessment of the environment and an analysis of related regulations.

Completing a socially acceptable and economically viable project while reducing environmental impacts is one of the main challenges being faced by today’s industrial players.

Your challenges are complex…

You’re trying to find the right balance between controlling your operating costs and meeting environmental standards. You need to be able to count on reliable environmental services to properly plan your project and speed up its completion.

Your challenges:

  • Assess impacts on the receiving environment
  • Optimize project planning
  • Implement effective mitigation measures
  • Involve local communities and demonstrate the project’s benefits
  • Obtain required permits and authorizations

Our team can help!

At BBA, engineers, biologists and environmental services consultants work closely with an eye to sustainable development. Every solution we propose is efficient, cost-effective and eco-responsible.

Our environmental experts have in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations. They team up with our engineers to offer a range of perfectly integrated services, whether it means taking on a project for its entire lifecycle or meeting a specific need.

Our solutions:

  • Environmental consulting services
  • Pre-feasibility study and an understanding of environmental challenges
  • Atmospheric dispersion studies
  • Noise impact studies on the local environment
  • Environmental optimization of design plans
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Biophysical characterization of natural environments
  • Environmental and social mapping
  • Mitigation measures
  • Environmental compensation plan
  • Environmental monitoring and follow-up services
  • Closure plan for mines and industrial sites


  • Air quality and atmospheric dispersion
  • Aquatic environment management and characterization
  • Public consultations and social acceptability
  • Acoustic studies
  • Flora and fauna characterization
  • Water quality and effluent monitoring
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Quality and ground use
  • Permit and authorization applications


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