The Canadian mining sector is facing a major dilemma. On the one hand, the demand for metals is rising and, on the other hand, deposit quality and ore content are dropping. Mining is thus being carried out at greater depths and in more remote locations while ore processing is becoming more complex.

Among possible solutions is the geometallurgical approach, which relies on collecting and analyzing geological, geotechnical, mining, metallurgical, environmental and economic information. Its purpose is to maximize the current net value of the mineral deposit while minimizing technical and operational risks associated with its operation.

Your challenges are complex…

As a responsible mine operator, you not only have to accurately assess the deposit grade, its location and the distribution of ore in the rock; your approach must also reflect many other factors, such as ore hardness, the presence of deleterious elements and other intrinsic features of the ore deposit.

So it’s vital that your mining strategy be based on reliable and comprehensive data, detailed geological models and optimized mining plans. After all, you want to convince shareholders and investors of your project’s merit while maximizing its net worth.

Your challenges:

  • Manage data assessment and collection programs
  • Interpret the geological framework of the deposit
  • Model, estimate and classify resources
  • Plan and optimize mine operation
  • Optimize your metallurgical process based on the deposit’s characteristics
  • Control, neutralize and recycle effluent, water and processing sludge
  • Estimate costs and conduct financial analyses
  • Produce reliable and accurate technical reports
  • Manage your project diligently, including schedule and budget
  • Identify and mitigate environmental impacts

Our team can help!

You can count on the services of BBA’s geology experts to help guide your decisions using detailed financial analyses, in-depth feasibility studies and reliable and accurate technical reports. Our team supports you throughout all project phases, from data acquisition, interpretation and modelling to optimizing resources and reserves.

Thanks to the geometallurgical approach, production plans, processing plans, capital allocation and mining infrastructures are optimized upstream to maximize your returns over the life of your mine.

Our solutions:

  • Geoscientific and geotechnical studies
  • Exploration and development programs
  • Geometallurgical characterization and optimization
  • Use of multiple specialized 2D and 3D modelling platforms
  • Assessment of mining properties and assets
  • Estimation and classification of mineral resources
  • Techno-economic and feasibility studies
  • Independent technical reports
  • Social and environmental impact assessments
  • Due diligence and audits


  • Vectorization and geomatics
  • Geometallurgy
  • QA/QC and geostatic analyses
  • Mining geology and grade controls
  • Geochemistry and applied mineralogy
  • NI 43-101 standard and JORC code
  • Geotechnics and structural geology


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