100+ commissionning mandates

in 2017


Given the vast amounts that industrial companies invest in designing and building their facilities, the desire to get the most out of their assets for as long as possible comes as no surprise. Whether these businesses are dealing with new construction, facility improvements or corrective actions, their challenge remains the same: to preserve company assets and optimize overall productivity while ensuring worker safety.

Rigorous commissioning and operational readiness plans are crucial, and the ability to resolve problems in real time and in difficult conditions is essential. When every minute counts, teaming up with the right field services partner makes all the difference.

Your challenges are complex…

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing new plant systems and updated equipment working in harmony. But in order to get there, you need to strategically plan your testing, commissioning and start-up right off the bat during the design phase. This will help you prevent worker injuries, eventual production losses and damage to your facilities.

Once your systems are up and running, you’ll have to remain vigilant, resolving deficiencies as quickly as possible without compromising your operations. Your plant’s productivity must be supported by a strategic maintenance plan, efficient corrective measures and continuous process optimization.

Your challenges:

  • Ensure worker safety
  • Implement systems and procedures required to start your operations
  • Ensure adequate staffing for operations start-up
  • Ensure safety compliance of work methods as well as lockout and tagout procedures
  • Plan the duration and frequency of scheduled interruptions
  • Minimize risks of unplanned outages
  • Perform cost-effective preventive maintenance

Our team can help!

For BBA’s field service experts, supporting clients from studies to operations is key, and the many operational readiness mandates we’ve completed have been rewarding challenges in their own right. Our goal is to facilitate a successful initial start, ensure sustained production increases and maintain optimal facility performance. Simply put, we aim for flawless operations—nothing less.

Every day, BBA engineers, technologists and electricians work in remote, hard-to-reach locations to perform a variety of tasks, including testing, commissioning, maintenance and emergency support services. Workers health and safety is extremely important to us and guide many of our day-to-day decisions and methods.

Our solutions:

  • Development and management of commissioning and operational readiness plans
  • Testing and commissioning services
  • Energization and start-up
  • Development of preventive maintenance plans
  • Emergency response and repair
  • Brownfield upgrade, light construction, and electrical facilities
  • Training for operational and maintenance staff


  • Protection and control
  • Automation
  • Telecommunications
  • Process control
  • Electrical apparatus
  • Mining
  • Mechanical


Across the country, our experts can
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