Strategic Asset Management

Now more than ever, industrial companies are challenged to maximize investment value throughout the life of their assets. Novel and emerging technologies, increased reliability expectations and evolving safety and environmental regulations are making today’s decisions more critical than ever. The question is when and where to invest.

Your challenges are complex…

Extending asset life expectancy is of course one of your main priorities. However, it cannot be at the expense of equipment reliability and worker safety.

It’s sometimes appropriate to modernize assets because of the productivity gains associated with new technologies. However, the possibilities are endless. How do you make the right decisions, today, that will affect the future of your business tomorrow?

Your challenges:

  • Replace and modernize your aging facilities
  • Integrate new technologies
  • Optimize your investments
  • Reduce invested capital or postpone investments
  • Reduce your operating and maintenance costs
  • Ensure asset reliability throughout the lifecycle
  • Ensure worker safety and mitigate environmental risks
  • Manage the impact of worker retirements

Our team can help!

We understand that time is of the essence. Our approach for strategic asset management is based on the quality of information we provide, which helps you make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Our strength is unparalleled field experience combined with a broad knowledge of the industry’s commercial technologies offered on the market, which enables us to provide educated advice.

You can count on our experts to help you make the right investments at the right time.

Our solutions:

  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Value-risk analysis and prioritization
  • Integrated planning (development capital, sustaining capital, operation and maintenance)
  • Asset investment management (capital planning, and operating and maintenance budgets)
  • Optimization of resources and constraints (finances, human resources, procurement)
  • Strategic procurement and sourcing
  • Compliance management


  • Asset condition and performance assessment
  • Health indexes
  • Compliance
  • Onsite audits and surveys
  • Asset investment management
  • Masterplan, risk assessment and prioritization


Across the country, our experts can
help you tackle your greatest challenges.