Feb 10, 2020

The PRC-005-6 and TET-APE-N-0005 standards in Québec: Are you ready?

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Do you own a power generating facility connected to Hydro-Québec’s power transmission system? You may soon be required to comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) PRC-005-6 standard and Hydro-Québec’s complementary TET-APE-N-0005 framework.

  1. These two standards are intended to support periodic maintenance requirements for equipment used to integrate a private producer’s power generation facility into the Hydro-Québec transmission system.

    In this case, you will eventually be subject to the Régie de l’Énergie’s audit or self-certification process.

    Hydro-Québec’s TET-APE-N-0005 standard came into effect on February 1, 2020. Power producers whose facilities were operating when this standard came into effect must submit their maintenance plan within 90 days of that date to Hydro-Québec for approval.

    Elements to verify

    Here is a checklist to ensure your organization is ready to comply with the PRC-005-6 and TET-APE-N-0005 standards.

    • Make sure your entity is classified as a main transmission system (RTP) in the reliability standards entity registry (for PRC-005-6).
    • Prepare a list of equipment, apparatus, protection systems and civil infrastructures for the transformer substation and collector system that fall under both standards.
    • Identify applicable maintenance activities and intervals based on specific facility details.
    • Prepare a test plan based on required maintenance activities.
    • Plan resources, including coordination with authorities responsible for shared infrastructure, such as protective relays, network automation and remote protection devices, to perform maintenance activities.
    • Prepare detailed reports for maintenance results and highlight any unresolved maintenance issues. If required, report any violations.
    • Each year, submit a statement of compliance for your transformer substation and, where applicable, your collector system.

    In general, major maintenance campaigns must be scheduled every six years. Additionally, regular maintenance activities related to the PRC‑005‑6 and TET‑APE‑N‑0005 standards must be integrated into your facility’s yearly general maintenance planning tool.

    Need help?

    Your organization’s operations managers and compliance teams may find it difficult to determine which PRC‑005‑6 and TET‑APE‑N‑0005 standard requirements apply to your facility when reading NERC and Hydro-Québec documentation. This is even truer if you have to prepare documentation after an audit or a self-certification requested by the Régie de l’Énergie.

    BBA has the necessary experience to understand what requirements apply to a facility, prepare and execute the required testing and assist you throughout the analysis and statement of compliance process. Our goal is to ensure you comply with PRC-005-6 and TET-APE-N-0005 standards.

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