Dec 05, 2017

The benefits of witnessing electrical factory acceptance tests (FATS)

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Today, rigorous witnessing of factory acceptance tests (FATs) performed by an expert who is directly involved in the project engineering process is proving to be key when carrying out detailed engineering projects. On the one hand, it prevents disruptions when completing an engineering project and, on the other hand, minimizes the risk of undue delays during plant commissioning and start-up. It also prevents significant production losses in case critical equipment is unexpectedly damaged in the initial years of operation.

  1. Experience shows that, in general, intensifying FATs helps:

    • Reduce the risk of litigation following project execution.
    • Improve the insurability of a plant, knowing that the risks of premature damage are much lower when the FATs have been performed rigorously.

    However, FATs are often sacrificed in favour of shortening the schedule and for financial considerations.

    This document will demonstrate that properly following project steps to optimize nominal life expectancy is more beneficial than accelerating the process to save money or to shorten the schedule, which would negatively affect process operation.

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