Oct 06, 2017

Revisiting electrical energy saving initiatives for industrial facilities

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Energy saving initiatives can be used to reduce operating costs for industrial facilities. However, a careful assessment must be made before selecting proper solutions. In practice, there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions to save on electricity costs. A proactive approach to energy management is often recommended since the electric power industry is constantly changing. Long-term energy management strategies should be reviewed yearly to identify new energy saving opportunities.

  1. A good starting point is to have a strong understanding of how electricity is billed. From there, it is easier to determine what could be improved through on-site measurements and performance monitoring. After needs and constraints are properly identified, an appropriate energy management plan can be implemented.

    Any selected approach can be reduced to one of two possibilities: improving how existing equipment is used (through process optimization) or installing new infrastructure. On the surface, it may seem that purchasing new equipment might not be the best solution because of expected upfront capital costs. However, it is worth considering, given that energy savings can quickly offset the cost of new equipment.

    One cannot understate the benefit of revisiting electrical energy savings initiatives. Receiving an expert opinion on the topic can often lead to significant savings in annual operating costs. This white paper discusses a case study where a client saved over $1 million annually by implementing key energy saving measures.

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