Jun 12, 2024

CIM CONNECT 2024 | Convention & Expo: Key insights from Amanda Fitch

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The CIM CONNECT 2024 | Convention & Expo, held in Vancouver from May 12–15, 2024, marked another significant gathering for the mining industry. Bringing together experts, professionals and companies from across the globe, I was excited to represent BBA and attend the CIM convention as a sponsor and exhibitor.

  1. This year, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum put together an action-packed schedule, including over 200 technical presentations, courses from industry experts, over 550 exhibiting companies and an array of social and networking events.

    Reflecting on this whirlwind three-day event, these are the topics that stuck with me the most.

  2. Decarbonization and sustainability

    A central theme of the conference and expo was the industry’s responsibility toward future generations, with a focus on decarbonization. Specifically, the stirring presentation by 12-year-old Nivritti Vikram (daughter of Vikram Jayaraman), which received a standing ovation. It highlighted views of the younger generation on mining and the urgent need for sustainable practices.

    This is an area where our country continues to show advanced thought leadership, paving the way for initiatives and innovations that balance economic and environmental interests. This year’s CIM CONNECT made it clear that, while there’s still a long way to go, there’s also a clear Canadian advantage when it comes to power partnerships and the availability of future-driven funding programs.

  3. Psychological safety and belonging

    The soft skills side of the industry was another focal point, with discussions about mental health and fostering the feeling of belonging. My colleagues, Julia Gartley and Susan Eick, led a panel discussion on psychological safety at work. Looking at corporate and day-to-day operations through the lens of mental health can have a direct business benefit, and some fellow pioneering companies shared data on their soft skill initiatives. During Nancy Wilk’s presentation, we learned more about how ESG and total worker health (TWH) can drive investment, worker engagement and productivity.

    Specifically, Marsha Nicholas of Agnico Eagle Mines Limited shared that 70% of people feel like their manager has more impact on their mental health than their doctor. Training managers to show vulnerability through programs, such as a peer-support groups, can actively improve employee mental health.

    Tori D’Avella from Teck Resources Limited also presented their initiative to provide designated physical safe spaces at their remote sites, promoting psychological safety and literally carving out space for people, who have historically experienced obstacles, to feel they belong in the industry. They set aside a safe space for women and people of diversity at QB2, and at Red Dog, they designated a specific safe space for First Nations peoples.

  4. Canadian leadership and innovation

    In the end, this convention truly underscored Canada’s leading role in the mining industry through power partnerships and innovation. The Canadian mining sector’s approach to tackling challenges and driving the industry forward was evident, as we dove into leading-edge topics, ranging from sustainability and mental health to digitalization and AI/automation in mining. With future-focused discussions like this already taking place, we anticipate groundbreaking developments from CIM in the long term.

    This year’s CIM CONNECT Convention & Expo not only reflected the current state of the mining industry but also charted a bright course for our future. CIM’s ability to foster connections and facilitate knowledge exchange sets a high standard for conventions to come and, with an emphasis on sustainability, well-being and thought leadership, BBA is excited and proud to be one of the many firms paving the way forward.

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