Oct 13, 2020

3D video: an essential tool for mining and industrial projets

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All types of mining or industrial projects often experience financing challenges because of their visual and environmental impacts.

Companies would be better served by designing a 3D conceptual image of their future facilities to improve the social acceptability of their projects. This would enable them to proactively demonstrate to the communities involved what the final project would look like and how it would fit into its environment, which in turn would make it easier to answer stakeholder questions.

The Industrial Infrastructures team from the Earth and Infrastructure discipline now offers this service, which also aligns with our goal of continuously improving our skills and the services we offer to clients.

  1. Benefits of 3D technologies

    Since 3D technologies are now much more accessible and simpler to use, it’s easier and faster to produce 3D videos.

    Often enough, good quality topographical data and aerial photos are available for free online, making it possible to quickly produce a quality video. BBA creates its 3D videos using Autodesk InfraWorks and assembles these videos using several 3D model files from various sources, such as Civil 3D, Navisworks, SolidWorks or Revit. Models can be textured and arranged with many objects and visual effects that are included in the software or available in online libraries.

    As a result, this tool allows users to place a 3D model of the installations in the real environment and provide several perspectives. This allows companies to quickly decide on the ideal project location. It also makes it possible to extract high-quality images and videos that closely resemble reality and cost must less, depending on the number and complexity of inputs. This visual material can be used for many coordination, promotion, sales and social acceptability exercises with the various project stakeholders.

    Affordable 3D presentations

    This is an excellent way of creating relevant 3D presentations before moving forward with much more complex solutions that require greater investment. To learn more about this BBA service, contact us.

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