Who provides essential services…to essential businesses? BBA is here!

7 April, 2020 | Blog

Hugues Châteauneuf

Hugues Châteauneuf, P.Eng.

SME – Industrial Ventilation | Hazardous Locations | Explosion Hazard Management

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In these unprecedented times, as a business providing essential services, you’re called upon now more than ever. You’re on the front line, working tirelessly to meet demand and ensure safety, all while keeping your business profitable.

Your project leaders in charge of implementing new hygiene measures have to increase the number of “COVID-19 meetings” to keep up with the rapidly evolving situation, leaving them less time for their usual tasks. You have to deal with instability from suppliers, and many deadlines are pushed back. Some managers and employees have to work from home, meaning their work needs to be reorganized. You may have changed the nature of your business to provide essential goods and services; where you used to produce clothing, you now make medical masks!

In other words, your daily life is completely turned upside down.

Rest assured that we understand your challenges and that our teams are 100% operational and can support you through:

  • Local presence to better serve you… at your site
  • Remote services, based on your needs
  • Flexible services: full takeover or one-time support

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