Mine-to-Mill Approach to Optimize Power Consumption in a Process Plant Operation by Modelling and Simulation

9 September, 2016 | White paper

Jorge Torrealba

Jorge Torrealba, P.Eng. Ph. D.

Senior Consulting Expert, Grinding and Mineral Processing

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An intuitive way to reduce power consumption in grinding operations is to feed the grinding circuit with finer feed by enhancing blasting and fragmentation control. The optimization of blasting with the objective of minimizing power consumption in grinding is not new.

The study was based on a Canadian mine that processes a very hard ore. BBA conducted

blasting/fragmentation and grinding circuit surveys in 2014. The results of the exercise were used to develop a base case model to simulate the effect of blasting in the operation on the grinding circuit. Tools for fragmentation simulations, particle size measurement and crushing/grinding simulations were used with the objective of reducing the OPEX costs including power consumption.

The paper describes the steps involved in the model optimization as well as an economical evaluation of the OPEX savings.

Note that this white paper was written in collaboration with Daniel Roy, Ricardo Esteban and David Runnels from the BBA team. It was the subject of a presentation during the IMPC 2016: XXVIII International Mineral Processing Congress Proceedings.

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