A Review of Gas Dispersion Studies in Flotation Plants

22 January, 2015 | White paper

Colin Hardie

Colin Hardie, P.Eng., M.Eng., MBA

Director - Studies – Mining and metals

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Jorge Torrealba

Jorge Torrealba, P.Eng. Ph. D.

Senior Consulting Expert, Grinding and Mineral Processing

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Gas dispersion studies have been used to benchmark and optimize plant flotation performance for more than a decade, although this technology is not as widely in use as it likely should be based on the significant improvements that have been reported. Part of the reason may be a general lack of awareness within the industry of just what these improvements have been. This paper reviews a number of reported case studies, groups them into categories of improvement, and draws some general conclusions. The paper will be of interest to plant engineers and technology providers seeking new approaches and tools for improving their own and client’s processes.  

Note that this white paper was written in collaboration with Julie Fournier and Jan E. Nesset. It was the subject of a presentation at the 47th Annual Canadian Mineral Processors Operators Conference©.

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