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A plant developed an innovative technology that improves performance for recycling household waste. This is the first plant capable of receiving waste from a single collection. Its mechanized sorting line consists of four patented inventions, one of which is a machine that cuts open garbage bags to remove contents without damaging them. The city where the plant is located sorts and recovers 90% of its waste thanks to this technology.

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  • Client 3Wayste
  1. Our experts' solutions

    BBA carried out a three-part mandate. The first was to perform a third-party review to determine the plant’s performance areas and possible improvements. The second was to estimate the cost of setting up the plant in North America while reflecting existing standards and technologies. Finally, our experts conducted an assessment of the plant’s equipment and technology compared with solutions available on the North American market.

  1. Seeing waste as an opportunity to create useful products is an inspiring prospect, which was inconceivable just a few years ago. BBA is proud to have been part of this innovative change that will greatly benefit future generations!
    Lyne Ricard, Director – Business Line, Biofuels, Oil and gas
    • 90% waste recovery
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